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Japanese Large Ceramic Bowl

Japanese Large Ceramic Bowl

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1. Superb texture, bright and moist glazed hand feeling. .
2. Design with rounded edges, retro and unique.
3. Anti-skid design at the bottom, roughing treatment.
4. High temperature firing, high quality and durable

Ceramic use & maintenance:
1. Wash by hand. If you want to use a dishwasher, you should choose a dishwasher with "porcelain and crystal" washing function.
2. The PH value of lotion must be between 11-11.5.
3. When washing with clean water, the water temperature should not exceed 80℃
4. If there are scratches, use toothpaste to polish.
5. Clean water and a little detergent can be rinsed clean

Product information:
Style: Japanese
Material: Porcelain
Top diameter: 7-9 inches
Size: L*H 23.8*9.6cm

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